About Us

 Hi! I'm Manuela, the founder and owner of MelyLu Sensory Play.

As a mother of two, Melody and Luca, I started creating sensory kits to inspire their imaginations, develop cognitive and language skills, spark their creativity, and encourage fun, but educational, independent play. As an educator, I wanted to share the enormous benefits of sensory play with others. With my years of experience as a licensed K-12 teacher, combined with my 15-year profession as a college preparation tutor, I embarked on a mission of research to understand the effects of sensory play during early childhood on young adults.

The outcome? A firm belief in the power of play. I specifically advocate for sensory play because I sincerely believe it is a catalyst to the emotional, social, and cognitive growth of young children, directly impacting their learning process as young adults. Today, I incorporate my knowledge into each and every one of our products.

Hand crafted with care and designed with various non-toxic sensory fillers such as rice and homemade play dough, each of our kits are filled with coordinating themed items, materials, and tools that have a range of uses for children to explore independently, encouraging them to create, imagine, investigate, and problem solve...all while having fun! I have seen the evidence of the power of play and the immense cognitive growth with my own eyes, as all of our products are "tested" by my own little ones before they are released!

In a serendipitous twist of fate, I also realized how much our kits actually foster independent play, giving mama a much needed break now and then! Don't believe me? Give them a try...you might even get a second to actually sit down with that hot cup of coffee while your little one is busy playing, and learning!

Last, but certainly not least, a sincere thank you for supporting small business; it means the world to us. I hope your family loves our products as much as we do!



✨PS...if you're a fellow mama, and by some miraculous twist of fate you find  a fleeting moment to yourself, head over to my blog and explore some articles. Of course I discuss sensory play, but also Melylu's core principles, the ups and downs of motherhood, and even some bloopers. Plus, you get a deeper look into the real people behind MelyLu and all that comes with being a "Momprenuer"... chaos and all! 

~Manuela XO