4th of July Play Dough Push-Pop!

Ring in the 4th of July with a Play Dough Push-Pop for the little ones! Filled with our signature non-toxic and homemade play dough, each pop is topped with a shoe charm! 🇺🇸

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Introducing our new iSpy Sensory Bottles!

These engaging sensory bottles are designed to captivate your child’s curiosity and are PERFECT for long car rides, restaurants, doctor visits, and more. And don't worry, they're super glued shut for absolutely no mess!

Filled with brightly colored rice in every hue of the rainbow, each bottle contains 12 color-coordinated items and includes a non-toxic dry erase marker and dual-sided laminated card that they can use over and over again. With an item search on one side and more advanced iSpy questions on the other, the iSpy Bottle grows with your child, offering new challenges as they develop!

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Hey parents... want to sit down with a cup of coffee that's actually hot? Us too.

That's why our kits are curated to inspire children's creativity, foster cognitive development, and facilitate independent play—while they're busy playing, you get a much needed breather.

The best part? They aren't just playing: they're learning too! That's what our kits are all about. So sit back and enjoy that quiet time...with none of guilt!

All our Play Dough Push-Pops now come topped with a themed shoe charm!

Sick of digging play dough out of tiny jars? Yea, we get it.

Fun, convenient, and mess-free—try our Play Dough Push-Pops with our 3 for $18 bundle!

Introducing our Play-Dough-Sand!

Love sensory sand but hate the mess? We get it!

Our new Play-Dough-Sand is squishable, moldable, and the best part...mess-free! It's just like our regular homemade play-dough, but with an added soft, sandy texture. Plus, it's scented with our beach-blend of premium essential oils, so it smells Ah-Mazing!

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Tried and True Customer Favorites!

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New to Sensory Play? Check out our Starter Kit!

This awesome bundle includes a mini version of our Best Selling Pirate Treasure Sensory Bin Kit, a Carnival Craze Play Dough To-Go Jar, and a Minion Play Dough Push-Pop.

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What is Sensory Play?

Sensory play is one of the most powerful learning tools available and has been scientifically shown to improve a child’s cognitive and physical growth. Not only does sensory play encourage learning through creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving, but it also offers hands-on, open-ended and child-driven play.

When children use their imaginations and creativity without an expectation of a finished product, it allows them to use their reasoning to make sense of the materials in their own way, and that’s when the magic happens!

Did you know?

Did you know that sensory play fosters fine motor skills, cognitive development, problem solving, language development, and social interaction? It even helps enhance memory, calm anxiety, and builds nerve connections in the brain to help children complete more complex learning tasks in the future!

Sensory play helps them use their imaginations to learn about the world around them through their senses. The list goes on and on for us parents, but for them, it's just FUN!

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Happy Playing, and Learning! 🤓

Featured Customer of the Month!

Meet William! 🥰

This super sweet truck-loving boy is learning through play with our Construction Sensory Bin Kit!

This kit is filled with brown and black non-toxic rice, wood logs, smooth black stones, textured natural rocks, construction trucks, workers, a shovel and bowl, and other various construction add-ins like cones, barricades, and signs!

William says his favorite thing to do with this kit is push and scoop the rice into the wooden bowl with his trucks. We're totally diggin-it little man! 🚚🫶🏼

Happy Playing and Learning! XO

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Our goodies make the perfect party favors!

The best part? They are totally customizable to fit any theme you're dreaming of!