Play Dough To-Go Kits


      Road trips, restaurants, doctor visits, plane rides, play dates—we are always on the go! 

      That's why we created our Play Dough To-Go Kits! These convenient jars are crafted with care and come half filled with our signature homemade, non-toxic play dough that's perfect for molding, shaping, and sculpting. Each jar includes themed items that foster endless possibilities for creative exploration and learning. They are the perfect way to make playtime memorable, magical, and completely screen free—even if you're on the go!

       Remember, our dough is homemade, non-toxic, and doesn't have any yucky chemicals in it, so it won’t last forever! After playing, store dough back in original container and close tightly to keep fresh for 4+ months. Natural salt crystals will form if not stored properly. If this happens, just add a tiny bit of warm water to finger tips and knead!


      *Warning—Choking Hazard. Our products are intended for children 3 and up. You know your children best, but please always use caution.